Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Around the Corner

Thursday is literally about to pass by, and all I did was clean, go to work, and craft while watching the last episodes of the last season of Gilmore Girls (that was a mouthful). Megan and I decided to make a mini book, each with a different theme and keep adding to it throughout the month of September. We finished the covers, and will post pictures tomorrow or Friday (I hope) of how they turned out. I really like mine, so I am excited to work on it later.
Anyhoo- I just wanted to share more of my clothing inspiration from the new fall line from Built By Wendy. Not only am I a fan of her clothes, but I am also in love with her sewing patterns she produced through Simplicity. I love the new fall line- I was always a sucker for thick tights with boots and a dress. I am also coveting the blue shirt with the striped fabric in the inset bib- fantastic. I would so rock that look! Well- happy week- Friday is peeking around the corner!

{xoxo melissa}

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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Monday Mood

There is officially 9 days left until school starts for me and Megan at BYU- so here's to living up the last dregs of summer! For the last couple of weeks, all I have been doing is sewing up a mad storm. All of my projects are finished for the moment, so this Monday has been slow- nothing new to keep me occupied. I made some really cute shirts and a cute dress, so I will have to post pictures later. Speaking of cute clothes, have you seen the new Toast goodies? I am absolutely drooling over the pictures. I just got the catalog in the mail today, and can't put it down. Above are some of my favorite pictures.
So , for our last summer hurrah, here are some of the scheduled plans for the next week:
  1. Vintage camping night
  2. Enjoy any Audrey Hepburn movie
  3. Go antique shopping
  4. Get our book lists and class schedules finalized
  5. Enjoy the museum
How about you? Enjoy your first day of the rest of the week!
xoxo Melissa (and meg)
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