Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Around the Corner

Thursday is literally about to pass by, and all I did was clean, go to work, and craft while watching the last episodes of the last season of Gilmore Girls (that was a mouthful). Megan and I decided to make a mini book, each with a different theme and keep adding to it throughout the month of September. We finished the covers, and will post pictures tomorrow or Friday (I hope) of how they turned out. I really like mine, so I am excited to work on it later.
Anyhoo- I just wanted to share more of my clothing inspiration from the new fall line from Built By Wendy. Not only am I a fan of her clothes, but I am also in love with her sewing patterns she produced through Simplicity. I love the new fall line- I was always a sucker for thick tights with boots and a dress. I am also coveting the blue shirt with the striped fabric in the inset bib- fantastic. I would so rock that look! Well- happy week- Friday is peeking around the corner!

{xoxo melissa}

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