Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking to the Weekend...

Happy Friday! Been feeling lazy since I got back from D.C., so looking forward to getting some things done on the weekend. Hopefully I'll finish cleaning out my desk and start back to sewing and making patterns. Any exciting plans for anybody? My advice (hopefully some advice I can personally take) is to relax and enjoy the sunshine. And maybe find a necklace like this lovely ladies. Gorgeous!
See you on the other side of the week!


Gracie said...

I spent the weekend working but it would be nice to relax sometime.

That necklace is lovely. I hope you found one like it =)

Anonymous said...

today is kind of my sunday...looking forward to an afternoon nap. hope you had a great weekend:)

Gaia said...

Hi Melissa, did you relax?
I did enjoy the sun and my weekend at the beach. The weather could be better but I do not complain. I know that somwhere else wasn't good at all, rany and cold. But, where is Summer? After a cold winter, summer is what I need. It's always a pleasure reading you!