Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Beehive Bazaar

If any locals want to attend, I am sure it is going to be a blast. I'm marking it on my calendar, so I might see you there. Check out their website here for a list of artists and goodies.
I officially have a cold. I want to go to sleep, but I have one more English article to read before I can hit the bed.
So, farewell ladies. I hope the cold bug doesn't catch up to you too, and make your head feel like a balloon.


melissa said...

this looks like so much fun!
our local crafty store, the workroom is having a holiday trunk show that i can't wait to attend!
i hope you feel better! it sucks to be sick, but it's also nice to just stay in bed and relax. i normally have soup to eat. what do you eat when you're sick?

oh hello friend said...

this event sounds like a lot of fun! be sure and share your goods with us ;) aw, sorry you're sick! feel better soon friend! <3

megan and melissa said...

I'm feeling much better- thanks! the thing that I usually have to make me feel better is tons of orange juice. Citris and all of that good stuff. Thanks so much for the well wishes!