Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small Magazine

I am officially 3 hours away from the holiday. I am dying!! Since I have a break before my next class full of British Lit fun, I decided to post about an online magazine called Small magazine. It is so cute, and has the best pictures, cute ideas, art features, and a brownie recipe I am dying to try out. Here are some of the pages that are my favorite below:

I would love a dress like this, and the yellow one below. Sometimes kids have the best fashions!

There's the recipe. Don't those look yummy?
So here's something for your day if you have a minute to spare.
Have a great afternoon! I'm sure you deserve it.
(photos via Small magazine)


The City Sage said...

SO cute! It's true---kids do get to rock the best styles. I wish I could still get away with a tutu over jeans, for example, but I think that look only works when you're five.

And those brownies do look divine! Thanks for the find :)

.kat. said...

Thanks so much for enlightening us with this ezine! It looks like a great place for this Mama to check out some things for the wee one! Hope you have a rockin' Thanksgiving!!

Carrie said...

It's true that sometimes the kids get the best clothing... I'm constantly complaining that kids have the cutest shoes... if only they went up a few more sizes!!! :)

melissa said...

ooohhhh british lit!!! what's your booklist like?!?
i'm reading jane eyre right now. not for school. just for fun. if i had to read it for school i would have stopped reading it a long time ago.

megan and melissa said...

thanks ladies!
CS- I love kids clothes. Why don't they make grown-up versions?
.kat- My thanksgiving was really nice, and the perfect relaxation
Carrie- I can sometimes fit into the kids shoes (if I'm lucky), but not ususally the cutest ones :)
melissa- My book list for British lit was really fun, a lot of poetry, novels from Dickens, Austen, Achebe, and Woolf. We also read James Joyce, who was new to me, but FANTASTIC- great read.
I love Jane Eyre, and the movie is great too. You'll have to tell me how you like it :)

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

love the photos in the little kid features. I am so giddy about them.

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

the second one down is down right delightful.