Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flowers, Ruffles, and Such

Don't you just love the weekend? It gives me some breathing room, a chance to step back and close my eyes for just a moment or two.
Do you remember my pattern drafting class I'm taking? It is really great and I am learning tons! I can't wait to start making my own ideas some time in the future. Preferably when I don't have any homework to worry about. Since fashion has been on the mind, I'll share these great clothing pictures I found on Domino (I get teary-eyed just thinking about it) a while back. I love the shapes, and they make me wish for the warmer weather ahead.
Take a look. Get inspired.
(pics via Domino)


Jamie Sampson Photography said...

love, love, love the cream dress (2nd one down) and the last black dress with the jacket. So adorable.

paula said...

one of each please, ha! i just came across your blog and i am loving it. so inspired.

rachel said...

oh, yes, I am a fan of ruffles too. And that flower dress is just adorable. It's amazing how dressing up a little can instantly change your mood. Thanks so much for that sweet message you left me last week! I'm glad to have a new friend, too. Hope your week is going well.