Monday, February 23, 2009

Tea Party Anyone?

Another week begins! I don't particularly enjoy Mondays, but at least I am comforted knowing I can't do anything to stop it from coming. I am so sad that Domino is closing its pages soon. -sniff- Plus, I just got news on Friday that Country Home is also shutting down. What is happening to the magazine world? My reading reading pleasure has taken a serious hit.
Anyways... does anyone else love tea parties like I do? A couple of years ago, Megan and I threw one for ourselves. We did it outside, and made paper flower lanterns that hung from the trees. I did all the baking, and we had the traditional summer food like a chicken salad sandwich, bite-sized treats, and lemonade. It was really lovely and relaxing.
I love this British-style tea party from Domino's Rita Konig. The recipes are seriously making me drool.
::The Tea::
::The Treats::
Read the full post here. Have a good Monday!
(photos via Domino Nov. 2007)

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Jamie Sampson Photography said...

tea parties invoke words like lovely. It was a lovely tea party. I have never been to a tea party although I do occasionally enjoy a mug of tea, I am also a huge fan of bite sized treats. I doon't think one can go wrog with a tea party. Sorry about your mag's... that stinks :(