Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'll take one, please.

I. want. this. bag. LOVE it. It would be perfect for my upcoming trips during the summer. Now, I only need to convince my wallet that this is a necessity, not a want. Good luck on that one :)
::via bees'netta etsy blog


melissa said...

which upcoming trips?!? :)

Laura Trevey said...

i need a large bag like that!! but, how would I ever find my keys :)

Just found your great blog!!

Gracie said...

How awesome is that?! It's huge but great for travel. And I love that sewing green book. Looks like it would be great to browse through it.

And yup it's great to look back on the 'old' days and reflect.

Ashley L. said...

LOVE this! I always have to carry a huge bag. My friends tease me and say that I could survive living off of what is in my bag for a week ahaha

blue moss said...

love this bag too!!
found you thru oh, happy day...love your fun blog