Monday, August 3, 2009

Handouts and a piece of Fall heaven

Hello Monday, my fine feathered friend. And hello to you lovelies! How was your weekend? Nothing too exciting here. I've just been helping out around the house. Remodeling stuff-- you know how that goes :) I did manage to send out my postcards for those in the postcard swap, so look for yours in the mail soon!
Now, down to business...
1. The giveaway. And the winner is...... (drumroll) .......
Miss T said...
what a great dress and company! linking the giveaway now!xoxo
July 31, 2009 6:51 AM
Thanks random for choosing for us... if I could give a dress to everyone who entered, I would :)
2. Can I steal their outfits? Beautiful!!! I can't wait for fall weather :)

Have a good day!
::via Le Fashion


Gracie said...

Pretty picture. It makes me want to almost keep this cool weather. Maybe that's what I don't like about winter...not having those pretty styling clothes =p

Rachell Taylor said...

I'm looking forward to scarves again.

Lindsey said...

I can't wait for fall weather too! I got my Anthro catalog today and it is making the cool weather seem that much more appealing!

{ Lindsey }

Miss T said...

I am so excited about winning the dress! I promise to do an exciting photoshoot in it!
Miss T

Karla Alejandra said...

How can I become part of the Postcard swap?

Anonymous said...

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