Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I don't know about you...but I have had a hard time getting started today. It is 6:00 and I don't feel as if I have done anything productive (except going to school).
I saw this picture posted on The Sartorialist a few weeks ago, and loved seeing this woman's effortless style. I hope to capture this same effortless style in the coming summer months.
Hope everyone had a more productive Monday than I did. Here's to Tuesday!


kelly ann said...

this is flawless. so simple, yet effortlessly chic. i would love to see what else is in her closet! :)

Becks said...

Those shoes are gorgeous. I love them!

grant + brittany said...

i really feel the exact same way about my monday. and i love this picture, i too want effortless style.

maryp said...

man oh man do i feel this way today. i am just dragging and have a full night ahead. i don't know if it's the snow or my general dislike of life right now haha. since i'm all bundled up due to weather i'm hoping a starbucks skinny vanilla latte will pick me up. i might even skip the skinny part.