Friday, September 5, 2008

Can I Borrow A Pencil?

First Day of School Impressions:
  1. British Literature 291: "...and hence..." This is a phrase I anticipate hearing many times. She sure loves these two words.
  2. British Literature 292: Mustached men are in abundance (apparently mustaches naturally follow British Literature; must have something to do with the accent.)
  3. Sign Language 101: Silence is not golden. Not when I can't understand what my professor is trying to say, no matter how many times she gestures or raises her eyebrows. Let's just say, my only answer for now is "My name is Melissa" in sign.

More classes to follow, including Literary Interpretation and American Literature History. (If you can't guess, I am an English major, which you start to dread after you see yourself thrust in theory, grammer, Shakespeare, Milton, and Swift). I haven't had too much time for fun crafts or sewing projects- I am trying to get all my reading and assignments done on Friday and Saturday so I have Sunday off to relax and prepare for more of the onslaught.

I thought it appropriate to post these fabulous pictures from the Uppercase Gallery's exhibit on vintage classrooms and art inspired from the theme. I love everything about it. Just smell the erasers and pencil shavings. Nothing can beat it.

Happy weekend living! Enjoy the last dregs of summer weather!

{xoxo Melissa}

(photos via Uppercase Gallery, via


Mandi said...

Yeah I was totally drooling over those photos too. :)

shaina said...

hey so i see you're taking sign language.
i'm an ASL interpreter. and totally here for you if you've got any questions!
keep me posted. :)