Monday, September 15, 2008

Delightful Distractions

Long time no see... I am sorry, my life has been so hectic- lets just say, I didn't go to bed before 1a.m. any day of last week. This week will definitely be better (I hope). Here is my weekend happenings: On Friday
I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. Absolutely delightful! I loved this move and would recommend it to anyone nostalgic about the glorious days of hose, dresses, hats, and swing music. I am on my way now to purchase a copy. I loved the clothes and the whole feel. If I could, I would have been born in that era.
For inspiration, here are some of my favorite modern interpretations:
this cardigan
and this dress
That is the type of style I covet, adore, drool over... you get my point.
My nephew and niece Taylor and Emily (5 and 2) came over on Sunday, and we got to run around together-- literally. Emily kept exclaiming, "Running is fun!" {insert cute voice here}-- at least I got some exercise. Megan and I also watched Ballet Shoes with Emma Watson in it-- a great movie as well. The little girl inside of me was totally entranced. I finally cleaned up my room too- the floor is bare, the clothes folded- all in preparation for upcoming decorating schemes- I am so excited! First we are getting to all the painting (Meg and I share a room), and then start with the decorating. I am going to sew some stuff for the bed like pillows and such.
Anywoo- mores stuff to come- pics of the September book in progress, my sewing stuff, anything else of interest...
Have a great day! Make someone smile today!
{{xoxo Melissa}}

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