Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confectionary Pictures

Popping in to say hello- there is a storm brewin' here at school and I am safely inside, watching the clouds thunder from the top floor of the English building.
Here are some of my favorite finds for the week: these pictures of the Nutcracker production in New York by photographer Rachel Papo. I love the colors, the combination of silk and organza... dessert for my eyes!

The other pictures are from Amy Atlas and her genius party skills. I love everything she does- I tried to keep from drooling. She has great ideas I would like to try out at my next party. (her story is also inspiring! she went from law to creative planner--all in a day's work.)

Have a colorful day!
{{xoxo Melissa}}
(pics via Rachel Papo and Amy Atlas)


Brittany said...

Wow. There is so much inspiration here... a buffet for the eyes! lol. I heart your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine as well!

melissa said...

i love the pictures in this post. so yummy and juicy and girly!
thanks for stopping by and i will definitely be frequenting your blog :) your pictures are really inspirational!

ps: i love audrey hepburn and often have audrey hepburn movie nights. hehe.