Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Martha Stewart Does It Again

I am sorry I have been neglecting you blog... I hope you will forgive me, but I have been super busy the last week or so, and I am still trying to get my footing.
So, a quick review of all things Christmas and New Year:
- Christmas was great, I had a wonderful vacation from school. There were a lot of movie nights and late night book reading. I miss those days already.
- We had a white Christmas, just what I wanted.
- I got this coat as one of my surprises-- so excited!
- Registered for classes, and I'm now in the swing of things.
This semester I'm taking a Women's Lit class, Modern American Lit class, pattern making class (yah!), advanced writing class, and ASL. My schedule is super busy, and I'm not getting too much sleep, but I'll survive (I just tell myself I can sleep in on Saturday).
Nothing much to report otherwise... I wanted to post these pictures of a great feature in the Martha mag this month. I love their creative process, and these pictures are so inspiring! Maybe one day they could hire me.... wishful thinking for now.
Have a good day, I can't wait for it to be over! My bed is definitely calling my name.
(pics via Martha)

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melissa said...

oh martha makes me sob. i love the pictures melissa! i think i'll buy the magazine tomorrow! thank you for sharing!
OH, BTW. i just got home and i just got the package!!! it's such a nice surprise. it feels like christmas again! i should have taken a picture though before i opened it all up. anyhoo, i will be sending you something for vday. nothing big, but it would be nice to send something to you! thanks again! i'm trying out the yummy bigelow lipgloss as i type. :)and ohhh i like your choice of courses.