Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

Aren't these pictures of Natalie Portman gorgeous? I wish I could look like that with short hair. Too bad-- I would look like a silly boy. Her clothes are divine too.


paula said...

She is so stunning. I wish I could pull off short hair, but I would never have the guts.

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

these are beyond beautiful.

I had short hair twice, once I hated, once I loved, the time I loved it, it was super short like hers and bleached out, it was surfer girl hair and the blond made it a little more girly.

You could pull it off. :) You should do it, with your perfect features, you would rock it.

rachel said...

she absolutely GLOWS in that second photo. I don't think I'd ever risk cutting my hair that short... but it does look great on the right person.