Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Julie Blackmon

Front Porch


Time Out

Camptown Races

Birds at Home

If you are looking for some cool photography, look up Julie Blackmon and her creative take on the "Jan Steen household" philosophy, the home full of disarray, rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings. Coming from a family of 9 kids with 3 of her own, Julie explores the issues of the domestic in her photographs and captures the reality of everyday life. It was too hard to pick my favorites, so you will have to click over to her website to see more.
Lovely wishes to everybody!
::photos via Julie Blackmon


Leigh said...

Those are fantastic! Such simple moments she took and made them divine!! I love the last one how you just notice the UPS truck through the window.

Thanks for the intro.


paula said...

how great are these. I can feel the chaos.

Ashley L. said...

Such interesting style! Its whimsical and a little haunting :)

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

i love her work, I am off to her site. Thanks, hope your day is happy.

The Scarlett said...

I have a large 'Front Porch' in my den which used to be (prior to a major renovation) a sunroom. It is gorgeous.