Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scribble Project

Looking for a little creativity? Wanting a small project that will unleash your artistic mind? Try the Scribble Project. I saw these pages posted around, and I loved the whole idea. I have yet to print my own copy out, but it will definitly be on my weekend to do list.

Gemma Correll

Check out the website for a free downloadable template. See you on Friday! I can almost start celebrating! Break out the weekend plans!
(pics via Scribble Project, via bling)


melissa said...

this is such a good idea!
i finally have the time to blog surf again and i am loving your pictures as always. :)
it's great news about your niece!!! :)
i hope everything is well with you!

lina said...

this is fantastic!
thanks for the link!