Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lisa Mitchell

I was first introduced to Lisa Mitchell's music on the blog Rockstar Diaries. If you haven't ever listened to her before...head on over to her website and check out her music. I bet you will fall in love with her little shoulder shrugs too.
P.S. I love her song "Coin Laundry"
::via Meandallmyfriends


Laura Trevey said...

I will check it out!!

xo Laura

paula said...

just had a listen and I like:)

po├ętesse said...

yes she really IS cool
her misuc is so beautiful and minimalistic
i like coin laundry also - especially the clip

Ace said...

Oh I did a post on her as well, I love her!!!

Mark Bradley said...

If you like Lisa you should check out Sui Zhen and also Sherlock's Daughter, also from Australia with similar voices I think.

Sui releases her new album soon, and Sherlock's just released a fantastic EP!

- Mark


Megan said...

Oh I went to her concert a little while ago and she was so adorable. I love her music its very mellow which is what you need sometimes x