Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

A few weeks ago I stumbled on Let Them Eat Cake, a British kids clothing line based in Bath. Felicity Lynch is the designer behind the line, and uses rare vintage fabrics and local materials to make the collection. Her inspiration comes from "Victorian circus posters and french styling". Everything in the collection is handmade by a talented group of seamstresses.
I must say I fell in love with Felicity's designs as soon as I saw them. While the line only is sized for kids 1-8...I wish they came in adult sizes. A girl can dream right? Head on over to the Let Them Eat Cake website and check out the collections. They really are dreamy.
See you guys on Friday.


paula said...

these are darling.

Cassie said...

Even though I am from UK, I have never heard of this company nor had any friends with kids when I asked around. I have checked out the website and they are just beautiful. I adore that last picture you shared - all those blankets - oh how I would like every single one!

Anonymous said...

sadly these dezigns have been stolen from me. my name is kaz and i am a designer in manhattan. felicity nd oliva asked to borrow my designs to show some pattern makers in england and they then sell them as their own designs. these people make me sick nd angry. thanx for saying you like the dezigns paul nd cassie. i wish that i could say that i waz proud of them but alas' i am too shattered that they were stolen from my by theives

maddy said...

Hi annon
that is terrible - I tried to work with LTEC but didn't work out for many/various reasons......... How did they steal from you being so far away?
what is your design company? are you still producing childrenswear? if so do get in touch as I am aways on the look out for unique designs for my shop.
best of luck anyway

Anonymous said...

Im sure you wont be surprised to hear Annon that Let them eat cake were conning their seamstresses out of money. They have been involved in a lengthy court battle which is still ongoing for the money they owe to be recovered. They are no longer trading since October last year because they were breaking the law. Watch out for this con artist, Felicity Lynch!