Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Love

This will always be my first love.
. \
Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! We are officially half-way through the week!

(P.S. Thanks for all those that stop by our blog and leave inspiring really brightens my day!)
::via: Bekvam Clothing


kelly ann said...

haha i've totally posted this exact picture on my blog before. it's just beautiful!

i know what you mean... no matter what, dance (especially ballet) will always be my first love. the first time i set foot in a dance studio when i was 3 years old, i was changed forever. i'm getting misty eyed just thinking about it.


paula said...

I danced for years, but haven't since college which was quite awhile ago. I do still adore it though.

Kimbirdy said...

I never had the opportunity to do ballet, but I think I would have loved it!

liz stanley said...

same! just was talking about this last night. i miss ballet!