Friday, October 24, 2008

Clothes Heaven

Morning thus far: had a stomach filling breakfast of blueberry waffles (with plenty of syrup), got ready for class (not so fun), and am waiting to see how the rest of the day will pan out. Class was okay, nothing too exciting to report, but a lot of homework for the weekend. Lately I have been so busy with life, but I hope to have some down time for this weekend. Speaking of weekends, I did work on my sewing project last week, and am looking forward to more sewing time. I will show some pics this weekend of what I've been up to.
So, on Wednesday, I had the best shopping spree. There was a huge J.Crew and Crewcuts sale at the Thanksgiving Point Barn (near my house), and everything was super cheap. We're talking $5 leather belts, $7 shirts, $15 sweaters, and $25 for coats. They had all kinds of clothes, mostly from stuff they sold this year in their stores. I got some major steals. Lots of sweaters, a few jackets, belts, and the cutest coat. I am in clothes heaven. Below is a picture of what the Barn looked like inside, courtesy of this blog. Just look at the boxes and boxes of stuff:

Here are some of my pictures of my clothes. Really cute stuff.

In front is the coat. I need to iron it, but I will show the full length later. You can see the sleeve detail below.

I finally found a skinny belt that I love (leather too!) and bought me some more argyle. I just want to start wearing all of it, now that the weather is getting to the cold stages.
The weekend is coming up, and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice, one of the last ones of the fall season, so I am headed out to enjoy the sunshine.
Sending you a fall sunshine day...
{{xoxo melissa}}
(photos via yourheartout and yours truly!)


melissa said...

that is heaven!!!!!!
i hope you have a good weekend!
i love that desk/workstation with your laptop. it's so cute! you should post up more close up pictures! :)
have a good weekend and enjoy your goodies!

Anonymous said...

Cute Finds!

shY said...

You're a great photographer ! I love your blog too : )

You are my fave... said...

Oh I'm so jealous of all those in Utah who got to go to this. Sometimes I want to move back.