Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Colors

So Fall is officially here! I decided to try to take some photos (gasp!) and see how they turned out. I have never really tried photography, but have been itching to try it out, what with all the inspirational photos I see everywhere. There is just something about taking photos that makes me happy. So, what do you think? I can't believe that it is already October. Before you know it, the leaves on the ground will be covered in white powder. I love the snow, so I am looking forward to those days.
Not much else to report-- school is done for the day, and I am much happier knowing sleep is on its way.
Have a good Tuesday tomorrow-- I am looking forward to sharing more photos later of a project megan and I am working on-- I'm really excited about this one.
Here's wishing you a crisp fall day with crunchy leaves.
{{xoxo melissa}}


Trish said...

what wonderful fall photos!! I wish it would stay fall all year long:)

melissa said...

lovely, as always! what camera did you use?
it makes me miss my laptop...i haven't been able to upload any pictures i've been taking :(
but nehoo, i love fall! cold enough to wear boots and still practical enough to wear flats and tights.
next thing you know it'll be christmas!