Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mid-Week Fancies

Here are some pretties to drool over courtesy of James Merrell...

I love the picture arrangements. I totally want to steal this decorating idea.

This couch is so my style. That color is the perfect touch.

The pink is so chic. It adds a hint of softness and grace to the room.
I found James Merrell's work a while ago, but just haven't posted about it until now. What amazing photography! I only wish I could capture something as beautiful as some of his stuff. Plus, he has some great photos from places like Venice and India, so check out his website here. I had a hard time deciding which picture I like best... there are too many, so you definitely need to check out his other work.

Lately this stack of fabric is calling my name. I haven't gotten to it yet, but my goal is to work on something over the weekend. I want to use the plaid before fall escapes me. I'm working on altering a pattern that I have already made something from, so we'll see how it goes. So many projects, so little time.

Nothing else exciting to report... by the way, the camera I used in my pictures is a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a SLR (Single Lens Reflex). [Confession: it isn't actually mine, I steal it from my sister. She doesn't really use it much, so I basically get to call it my own (most days)]. I really like the way it handles, and the camera is easy to use and understand...if that makes sense. (hope this helps melissa!) If anyone else has more questions, feel free to shoot them my way.

Thanks for all the comments and visits! It really makes my day!

Happy mid-week...enjoy the simple things around you!

{{xoxo melissa}}

(photos via James Merrell and myself)


Mandi said...

Oh my! What amazing inspiration!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Hi thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, wow what a fantastic blog you have here, full of great pics and inspiration! lovely :) I'll be back to read more and find out what you make with your gorgeous fabrics x

melissa said...

i am dying to get an slr camera! but mine is still good- i just recently discovered that it has a leica lens! (the camera was given to me by my boyfriend...so i didn't know much about it)
i also have 3 meters of plaid waiting to be turned into a dress or perhaps a skirt. it's a nice cute light brown with a bit of light blue.
i haven't done much crafting but i finished a skirt last night! :) that's what happens when i'm laptop-less.
pretty pictures & fabric by the way! i like how a chair was used a side table :)
have a beautiful day!
ps: i leave long, insane comments. hardeehar.

jen renee said...

gorgeous stuff! (thanks for stopping by to say hi!)