Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creativity before Consumption

The other day I stumbled upon the fabulous home of Emily Henson, a prop stylist and decorator, who lives in northeast Los Angeles, in a 700-square foot bungalow. "A big believer in the importance of personal touches, nearly every inch of the home has seen Emily's paintbrush or been customized in someway". Emily's motto is "creativity before consumption" and this is definitely extended throughout her entire home.
Her experience as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie can be seen throughout every room. I particularly love the green velvet sofa (an Urban Outfitters piece found via craigslist) and the open cabinets in the kitchen showcasing all of Emily's bright wares. This is getting tucked right away into my inspiration file.


kelly ann said...

ooohhhh........ can i live here? it's ridiculously perfect.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Why can I not find anything like that sofa on craigslist?? Love her living room and the dark walls in the kitchen!

Cole said...

Great design ideas! I just moved into my first house and need decorating inspiration badly. Thanks for the inspiration.


Bridget said...

i fell so deeply in love with her home that i bought the UO green sofa after seeing it!

pathetic, huh?