Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drool Worthy

Melissa and I are in the midst of finals week, so blogging will be sporadic this week and the first of next week. Please forgive us for our absence, we will try to post when we can find some snippets of time.
Hope you guys have a good week. Hope to be back soon.
I thought I would leave you with this beautiful dress from the Kate Spade 2010 Spring line, seen on the Olivet blog. Don't you love those ruffles piped in red. I think I NEED this dress! I have to start saving up my money right now!
::via Olivet


kelly ann said...

good luck with finals, girls! <3

shari @ little blue deer said...

Good luck with finals, and yes, that is a gorgeous dress!

sheer whimsy said...

good luck!!! and i LOVE the ruffles!!!

Kimbirdy said...

that dress is so cute it hurts! love it. and good luck with finals!