Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking forward to Fall...

J.Crew's Fall 2010 Ready to Wear collection was featured on Style and I must say this makes me giddy for fall!
The collection was defined on Style as "Edie Beale goes to Girl Scout camp". The line is filled with "rumpled chambray button-downs, boyfriend chinos, utility jackets, and tweedy coats...accessorized to the hilt with Albertus Swanepoel hats, brooches, and necklaces galore, textured tights, ankle socks, and desert boot wedges, as well as spangled, fur trimmed shoulder bags".
Melissa and I are both coveting the tweed coat in the first picture. We might both have to purchase it for our new winter coats this year!
Even though I was tempted to post every single really must go look at the rest of the collection. I promise by the end you will be wishing to skip summer and head right into fall.
Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Sorry about the light posting last week. Finals are coming and all my big projects were due, but this week I have less homework and more time to post!
::via Style


kelly ann said...

i seriously GASPED when i saw these. oh heavens, i think i'm in love. SO beautiful, totally my taste... i need them all! ;)

ashleyb. said...

Wow. J. Crew you have done it again, and finally stepped above all of your frilly details and pretty accessories. This has a bit more edge and vintage appeal than things I have seen in the past. It's finally moving past what even Old Navy and Target have come to copy. Thank you J. Crew for adapting and changing and always striving to be unique. Even though I would never skip summer, it does make me look forward to fall. It's about time J. Crew changed its look a bit! Everyone is copying them!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Loving this collection, is that Helena Christensen in the bottom pic? It sort of looks like her!

Ashley L. said...

So gorgeous! I love all of the intense colors!