Thursday, May 21, 2009

Covetous Closets

Okay, I have this thing about closets. And organization. I love organizing things with labels, tupperware, the whole nine yards. So, that said, who wouldn't want their closets looking like these? (Count me in, especially if the wardrobe comes with it:)
::via domino


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I do the whole tupperware with label thing too!
That is a dream closet!

Gracie said...

I would love for my wardrobe to be this organised! How fantastic does this look! I would take that wardrobe too and I must start organising like this.

Rebecca said...

awhile back a friend of mine was teasing me about my penchant for organization. he jokingly offered me a label maker-- now i've been hassling him to pay up :)

i dream of closets like these..

paula said...

I am obsessed with organization. It's all I can do to allow my children to have toys simply because it is so hard to keep them straight, haha! These closets are definitely calling my name.

Ashley L. said...

I have a thing for organization so this strikes my fancy! I love how straight and perfect the shoes look all lined up!! :)

Blair said...

Oh, love the doors of that middle one! Have a wonderful weekend.

Kristin said...

I'm in. Can the closet fairy please come make mine over?

Anonymous said...

How I would love to rummage through all those fabulous shoes and clutches in the bottom photo-I would be in heaven!
Have a great weekend :)