Friday, March 12, 2010

I heart J.Crew

I just wanted to check in really fast before my weekend officially began and to apologize for the light posting this week. My computer broke and I had to send it to the repair shop (a.k.a. My brother - Thank you, Thank you!). On top of that I am getting a cold. Yuck!
Hope everyone has some fun plans this weekend!
Hopefully I will be back next week feeling better and ready for a new week! Right now I am going to cozy up in bed and go make my official wish list from all the new arrivals at J.Crew.
(Above is featured the fabulous cover of J.Crews little line - Crewcuts. Don't you love the circus theme? That seems to be recurring lately.)
::via J.Crew


leni said...

I have to agree. J.Crew does such a great job!

Anonymous said...
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paula said...

loved the new catalog. My ellie wants a circus theme birthday party. sounds fun to me.

Shari said...

Yeah, Anthropologie totally had a circus theme for spring, too. J.Crew is always my go-to for fashion, you can buy anything there and be totally guaranteed you will look good!

tada! shop said...

so cute! love look with the ruffled bathing suit on page 22 and entire look on page 24!

ashleyb. said...

Not a weird question at all. I personally have fallen in love with J. Brand specifically the pencil leg. I found mine at Nordstrom Rack. I also really love Hudson's skinny jeans and I have found my previous pairs at Urban Blues. I wouldn't recommend J. Crew jeans, I think they fit terribly. Hopefully that helps you out a little bit.

Ms. Wife of the Year said...

Those teeny tiny kids are too school for school. I heart them.