Monday, December 15, 2008

Advent Calendars

I love Christmas countdowns, and with ideas like these, who wouldn't?
  1. This idea is so fun, especially for younger kids. The goal is to fill the mittens with small gifts or messages throughout the days of Christmas to countdown until Christmas Eve.

  2. These are from an etsy shop I found; each bag is imprinted with the days of December.

  3. I loved this idea, so simple. From Denise at, you can even download the numbers here to make your own. Not only is her blog fantastic, but her design is so lovely. Label simple envelopes and string them anywhere.

  4. This calendar countdown is made from baby socks. I love the image of them lined up in a row. Found here.

Try these ideas out, or save them later for next year. Nothing's better than counting down to Christmas!


(pics via, Martha, and nuvonuva)

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