Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 1st day of Christmas...

To kick off the Christmas holiday, we decided to do 12 posts for the 12 days of Christmas featuring some of our favorite Christmas ideas. To begin the 1st day, I wanted to share some great wrapping gift ideas.

Anything pretty on top makes it extra special.

Give a little something extra with a gift card and tie it with luxurious velvet. The yellow color is divine!

Fabric and string makes a yummy treat cozy and inviting.

I loved this idea when I saw it. Each rain boot is stuffed with presents and goodies. You could even do this in place of stockings.

With labels like these, people will fight over which gift is theirs.

Speaking of pretty little gifts, its drawing time! I just wanted to say thank you for all those people who commented-- I always love to hear that my posts aren't too horrible :)

Me and Megan had a lot of fun packaging these-- that is usually my favorite part! We made pom-poms for the top (this tutorial helped) and included a Christmas Wendy Addison ornament for some glitter (you can't have too much).

Drum roll...... randomly generated by the magic of my fingertips....

Congrats Melissa and Christie! Send us your mailing address and we'll get them in the mail soon.
Thanks for playing along! Be on the lookout for a post tomorrow!
{Melissa and Meg}


melissa said...

ack are you serious?!?!?!
you made my day even better!!!!
thank you sooooooooo much! i've never won anything online before! woohoo! :)
thank you thank you thank you!

melissa said...

ps. i love the pompoms! maybe i'll give it a shot!
thanks for another lovely post of ideas!

.kat. said...

I LOVE the rain boots idea! How cute is that?! I'd like to find out where you can get a pair of those snazzy lookin' Wellies!

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

thanks for all of the cute packaging ideas. I love pretty things. :)

melissa said...

i made some of the poms-poms using the tutorial that you gave! it was really fun to brother helped me out. haha. i did it like yours though in a nice creamy color. they looked like snowflakes. :) thanks so much for this!

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Just catching up with blog reading and yey great post! thanks for all the ideas and I'm sad I missed the competition :( Hope you both had a great christmas!