Monday, December 8, 2008

A giveaway just for you!

Hello again--I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. In about 1 week and a half I will be able to fully enjoy mine. Finals will be over, classes will be finished...I'll be in heaven.
I know that I mentioned this awhile ago, but the giveaway is finally here! Megan and I wanted to share some of our favorite things for the season, items we love to use and enjoy. There are two bundles to give away, which means two winners!
Take a peek below:
.Package #1
1. Yummy lemon lip gloss from C.O. Bigelow. Definitely a must.
2. Domino mag. Need I say more?
3. Easy Healthy cookbook. Great recipes, and ingredient conscious-- perfect for any New Year's Resolution.
Package #2
1. Easy Soups cookbook. Warm delights to combat any blustery day.
2. Oprah at Home Magazine. This color issue has the best room makeovers.
3. Lip gloss from C.O. Bigelow. Minty fresh.
There is a major snow storm brewing outside, so it's almost time for me to burrow under the covers, but I just wanted to drop in and share the goodies.

We hope you enjoy-- just post your name in the comments and we'll pull the winner sometime next Sunday, the 14th.

I'll be posting later during the week, so be on the lookout. Have a great day!


erika said...

ohh, I'm the first to comment. i have never red the domino magazine and would love to. enjoy the snow. we are still waiting and waiting for it. take care, erika

Michelle B said...

I woke up to snow outside too. You should pick me!

melissa said...

what a lovely idea!!! that is very generous of you :) i like the mint lip gloss!

Never That Easy said...

How nice of you to share some of your favorite things! Good luck with finals and all that... I know how that can put a damper on the holiday spirit.

jenny said...

i just found you through jamie sampson's blog. sweet little blog you both have here. i love when people share their favorite things.

i have to try that scone recipe you shared below - yum! :)

Christie said...

oh, what a great giveaway!

Jamie Sampson Photography said...

How is it that I have never been here? It is incredible. I am in love! I am so excited. The blog is freaking amazing. I am officially addicted.

Meg said...

Cute! That's a good idea. Also, thanks for posting the new Amy Butler fabric stuff... I drooled over it for a while and then I finally found some in Lehi (I live in Vegas) so thanks for tipping me off. Hopefully I get my pillows done soon and up on the blog. Good luck with finals.

Anonymous said...

MMm, I love C.O. Bigelow!!

Catherine L. said...

I love lemon anything, and good luck with the last of the semester! Love your blog.

Jill S said...

Just found your blog via TUmbleweeds/Grasshopper store and love it! It is so fun to share favorite things. Soon finals will be over and you can enjoy the Holidays and possibly some snow. Thanks!

Sabrina said...

Wow, I am totally into healthy eating even though my sisters make fun of me for it! I loved the Micheal Woolley pictures.