Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift Guide Part Two

Remember all of my woeful stories about finals? Well...I am finally done! Now I can do some fun stuff over the holidays. One of my favorite things is to be crafty, so for this gift guide, I wanted to post about some of my favoirte crafty gifts.
Don't you love the headband? At first you'd think it wouldn't turn out cute, but it looks really cool. I also love the other ideas, creating a montage of red and white candy jars, or making candles out of vintage tea cups (here's the how-to). I would love some of those as a gift.
I am officially settling down in my bed to read a book that finally isn't required reading, so I will see you tomorrow for another post :)
(pics via Martha and Country Living)


Jamie Sampson Photography said...

I love the photos. You have such good taste and style.

Congrats on being done and taking some time to relax and read a book. I think I need to take your advice. I feel like I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to breath. :)

Ashley L. said...

I love that headband! Wonderful find! :)